LED flashlight

I owned my first LED flashlight nearly six years ago. It was a small keychain with a button-cell battery. Since then, LED flashlights have evolved and today’s models have more luminous lights with more LEDs.

2009年5月30日 星期六

I thought I'd take a look at some of the bright LED flashlight products available out there, just to get a feel for what's currently on the market. So I went and searched around online a bit, trying to find sort of a sample type of product.After a search for bright LED flashlights, I found something called the Compact Super Bright LED Flashlight - Black Satin Weatherproof Aluminum - Holster and Gift case. Quite a mouthful of a name there. And some of the words strike me as a bit odd. Compact, I get. Super Bright, of course makes sense. But Satin? And how can something have black satin and yet also have aluminum? Strange, strange.

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