LED flashlight

I owned my first LED flashlight nearly six years ago. It was a small keychain with a button-cell battery. Since then, LED flashlights have evolved and today’s models have more luminous lights with more LEDs.

2009年5月12日 星期二

Mini 1 Bulb LEDs BRIGHT Flashlight

1 LEDs, low power consumption, ultra-bright, visible over a long distance
Require 3V Button Cell
Switch type: Press on, press off from top cover
1-LED flashlight torch made of plastic case
Light weight, compact and easy to carry


Light bulb type: White LED
Operating voltage: 3V
Number of LED: 1
Battery Type: 3V Button Cell
Size: 70mm x 25mm
Weight: 5g
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Mini 1 Bulb LEDs BRIGHT Flashlight